School Commences

Thursday 6th September 2018 at 9am

Students finish class early at 4pm Thursday 6th September and Friday 7th September 2018

Mid Term Break

Thursday 25th October – Monday 29th October 2018 (inclusive)

School re-commences on Tuesday 30th October 2018

Christmas Examinations

Monday 10th December – Thursday 20th December 2018 (inclusive)

Christmas Holidays

Friday 21st December 2018 – Friday 4th January 2019 (inclusive)

School re-commences on Monday 7th January 2019

Mid Term Break

Thursday 20th February & Friday 21st February 2019

Fifth Year Mid Term Examinations

Saturday 2nd March 2019 – Friday 15th March 2019

St. Patrick’s Bank Holiday Weekend

School closed on evening Friday 15th March 2019

School re-commences on Tuesday 19th March 2019

Easter Holidays

Monday 15th April – Friday 26th April 2019 (inclusive)

School re-commences on Monday 29th April 2019

May Bank Holiday

Monday 6th May 2019

Summer Holidays

Wednesday 29th May 2019


*** All dates are subject to change