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The best means of securing successful Leaving Certificate results is by having a productive Fifth Year. Students coming out of Junior Certificate or Transition Year choose Limerick Tutorial College’s Fifth Year Full-time Course because it gives them more time to get everything right for their Leaving Certificate.

With two years in hand, they can work at a pace suitable to their level of ability and consequently create a strong foundation for Sixth Year.Limerick Tutorial College provides access to a wide range of subjects at both higher and ordinary levels during Fifth Year.

Students are taught how to study effectively from the start and a substantial amount of the course is covered in this year. All this means that a student moving up to the Sixth Course will be familiar with the workings of the College and, due to a strong initial year of study, will have reduced pressure in the examination year.

The Full-time Fifth Year Leaving Certificate Course is ideal for students who want to go through every subject as thoroughly as possible. Many students find it is the perfect preparation for the challenging year that follows.





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