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  • Accounting

  • Agricultural Science

  • Applied Maths

  • Art

  • Biology

  • Business

  • Chemistry

  • Construction Studies

  • Design & Communication Graphics

  • Economics

  • English (H)

  • French (H)

  • French (O)

  • Gaeilge (H)

  • Gaeilge (O)

  • Geography

  • German (H)

  • German (O)

  • History

  • Home Economics

  • Mathematics (H)

  • Mathematics (O)

  • Music

  • Physics

  • Spanish (H)

  • Spanish (O)


  • Additional English classes can be made available for students for whom English is not their first language.
  • Limerick Tutorial College has a flexible timetable system that can accommodate students who are in receipt of an Irish or a Third Language Requirement exemption.
  • All practical coursework and field trips are carried out under the guidance of our highly qualified and experienced teachers.


HPAT courses and tutorials are available during the academic year. These tutorials are incorporated into the student’s personalised timetable such is the importance of this examination for these students.

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