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Structured supervised study is an integral part of any student’s success.

Limerick Tutorial College prides itself in the standard of supervision offered.

We offer a totally distraction free environment- This atmosphere of calm solid learning allows for students to full-fill their true potential. Starting Monday 28th August 2017.

Both large and small study halls which are strictly supervised are available.

Students must adhere to all rules which will be implemented at all times by the Senior Supervisor

      Weekly Timetable: Fee
       Monday   – Friday 4 – 6pm €3.00
       Monday   – Friday 6 – 9pm €4.00
       Monday –   Friday 7 – 10pm €4.00
       Monday   – Friday 4 – 9pm €5.00
       Monday   – Friday 4 – 10pm €5.00
       Saturday   9 – 1pm (or part of) €5.00
       Saturday   2 – 5pm (or part of) €3.00

Sunday study will commence shortly after the term starts and will be announced in due course


Weekly rate to cover all study:  €30.00

Term Payment

(September – December) €400 (January – May): €450

Bi-Monthly Payment


Yearly Payment

September – May: €600 *** Special Offer*** If booked before August 31st pay €500 for the year!!

This can be paid in 5 instalments of €100 and must be paid in full by October 31st

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Fax: 458 761-9562

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