Tuesday 2th April to Friday 5th April 2024 inclusive

After almost three decades of providing these courses we feel that our long standing reputation, up to date subject information and exam focused notes makes Limerick Tutorial’s Easter Revision course the best option for any student wishing to excel.

All classes take place in Limerick Tutorial College 12-14 The Crescent, Limerick.

All classes last for one hour and twenty minutes daily and will include examination techniques and examination timings. Other areas covered include how to tackle questions in the most efficient way possible and how to continue with revision after the course has ended.


At Easter certain subjects are divided into Course A and Course B. This is done in order to increase the amount of each subject that the student can do in one week. Topics being covered in each subject are clearly indicated to allow the student to pick the course most suited to them.

Course A and Course B in a subject are considered to be individual subjects.

Click here for details on topics covered

Easter Revision Leaving Certificate Timetable

9.00-10:20 10:30-11:50 12.00-1:20 2:00-3:20 3:30 – 4:50
Chemistry H A Ag. Science H Accounting H Biology H B Biology H B
Economics H Business H Biology H A Construction Studies H DCG H
French H English H B English H B History H English H A
Geography H Geography H French H Irish H German H
Home Ecs H Maths H A Irish H Maths H B Maths O B
Maths O A Chemistry H B Physics H A Physics H B
Applied Maths Maths O B

Easter Junior Cert Timetable

9.00-10:20 10:30-11:50 12.00-1:20 2:00-3:20 3:30 – 4:50
Maths H Business H Geography H English H History H
English H Science H French H Irish H

Easter Revision Course Fees

1 Subject €195 4 Subjects €520
2 Subjects €300 5 Subjects €580
3 Subjects €460

Fees are non-refundable, non-transferable

No allowance  for absenteeism

Timetable may be subject to change

For further information please contact the main office at 061-315522