Repeat Leaving Certificate at Limerick Tutorial

  • If you are happy with what you have been offered even though it’s not your first choice then you should take it and not repeat.
  • If you are not really happy with what you have been offered or if you have some doubts about the course then you should consider repeating.
  • If you take a place in college on a course that you are not happy with and you end up dropping out, you will be re-applying to CAO with the same points and you will have to pay repeat fees.
  • Every year including this year 3 or 4 students end up coming out of college after 1st Year or 2nd Year and come back here to repeat.
  • If you know that you can work way harder than you did last year then if you repeat with us you can go up a possible 100 points as we have shown you. This is a reason for repeating.
  • We have teachers in each subject that can get you an A if you have the ability and more importantly the hunger to get it. This is another reason for repeating.
  • If you feel that there is more in you or much more in you and you  want to find out what is really your best  then you should repeat.
  • If you want to learn how to study properly and effectively then you should repeat.

Sample of increase in students (all abilities) in 2022 who repeated the Leaving Cert.

Points 2022 Points 2021 Points Diff
Student 1 507 368 139
Student 2 553 420 133
Student 3 489 391 98
Student 4 603 520 93
Student 5 578 487 91