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This course will consist of a two hour taught class led by a highly experienced and professional Oral Inspector. This will be followed by an individual oral. The inspector will follow up the individual oral with specific pointers based on the students’ performance.

Key issues to be worked on will be highlighted and notes given during the taught element of the day. This will then put the student in the correct direction to refine their oral in advance of the actual exam. By doing the oral preparation day the student is given the opportunity to experience Leaving Certificate Examination conditions and to ensure that any issues they have can be resolved in advance of their actual oral.

An ability to remain calm and relaxed is pivotal to success and techniques to aid this will be included in the preparation.

Subject: Irish

Timetable: Saturday 24th March 2018

Fee: €40

Click here to download Irish Oral Day Preparation Form

For further information please contact the office at 061-315522

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