Dear Parents & Students,

Under current circumstances we unfortunately will not be in a position to deliver our Easter revision course in the normal manner. We are very conscious of the huge impact that this will have on all students. We have been in discussions with the teachers regarding the best format for all concerned to proceed. The teachers want to deliver the best quality course and given the current climate feel that on-line pre-recorded classes in conjunction with comprehensive notes and exam questions will be the most educational and beneficial.

All notes will be forwarded to the students in advance of each course. The students will have unlimited access to play, pause and rewind these classes once signed up. The notes will be used in conjunction with the pre-recorded classes to optimise the students learning experience.

Due to the nature of the material in some subjects there will be additional revision days involved to maximise the educational needs of the students. There will be further updates with regard to these classes on our website.

This is a new era for everyone and we need to work together to assist all students at this challenging time.

Access codes for pre-recorded classes will be emailed to the students.

We will be updating our website with new information daily over the coming days and weeks.

Please stay safe and allow us to help you stay focused and be better prepared for the exams ahead.

Kind Regards,

John O’Halloran