Now Enrolling For 5th, 6th & Repeat Leaving Certificate 2019

//Now Enrolling For 5th, 6th & Repeat Leaving Certificate 2019


With 30 Leaving Certificates under its belt Limerick Tutorial College have finely tuned how each student should approach their exams, offering experience and expertise along with the very best teaching staff. Catering for 5th year, 6th year and repeat leaving certificate, Limerick Tutorial College is very much a family run school.

“We will look after you, no matter what your ability, as if you are a member of our own family; we will provide excellent teaching and we will teach you how to study yourself. All of this will bring about a huge improvement in your grades and points. So students should seriously consider repeating if they have not got their first choice” said John O’Halloran Principal.

Now enrolling for 5th year, 6th Year and Repeat Leaving Cert 2019 courses. For interview, please call 061 315522


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