The College’s primary aim is to provide the expertise and guidance necessary so that each student, irrespective of ability, can achieve his/her potential. From experience, we know this will not be achieved by simply putting pressure on students to do the impossible. Instead, the college believes in forging strong relationships with its students. We listen to our students’ goals and we listen to their parents’ views; then we pinpoint their strengths, and from there we help them do the very best for themselves.

Exams are obviously an important part of the Limerick Tutorial College experience. However, we fully appreciate that it is not just our students who should be tested on a regular basis, it is also the College itself. By continuously looking at our own performances and standards, we can develop and improve when and where required.

Last but not least, this commitment to excellence is further enhanced by our policy of building interactive and strategic relationships with all Universities and Institutes of Education & Technology throughout Ireland, Europe and the World.

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